Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.

– Peter Ducker, American Businessman

Getting everyone on the same page, literally

One of the great challenges of building a profitable strata management company is responding to electronic communication on a pricing model that hasn’t changed much since before the internet was invented.

The average price per lot for strata management services in 1980 was $120 per lot per annum plus disbursements and insurance commission, and now is about $150 per annum with the same annoying extra charges.

These prices were set in the days when people wrote letters and things were a little more relaxed. Now it’s different. People communicate instantly and expect the same in response.

Same price, same method, different communication channels and service expectations: it’s an unsustainable business model. That’s why we use MyBlock™ for every scheme we manage no matter how large or small.

MyBlock™ is a web-based portal. All your documents are there, you can see your levy account in real time, pay your levies on line and track your requests for strata repairs and approvals from the owners corporation. It’s secure and like most social media platforms, it has a ‘wall’ so you can post your messages for all your co owners and tenants to see and respond.

The beauty of MyBlock™ is that it reduces email traffic that excludes some people who need to know what’s going on and improves our profitability. Everyone’s literally on the same page, and we’ve got more time to attend to the tasks we’ve undertaken to do on your behalf without needing to change the traditional pricing model.

Knowing the difference between leaders and managers

When we considered forming Block Strata™ we thought a lot about what strata owners really want and what was available from our competitors. We came to the conclusion there are a lot of strata managers about, but not many strata leaders.

We decided to be strata leaders.

A leader knows the right things to be done. It’s a very different skill from the equally important, by more commonly available skill of managers, doing things right.

In strata, the right things to be done are fourfold, and there’s an order in which they must be done for leadership to be effective. We call our strata leadership system BlockMatic™ because it guides our elected committees automatically from the moment they are elected through a series of four quarterly checklists until the next general meeting.

This way our committee members do the right things and leave us to do things right.

Jacqui Bartholomeusz

Managing Director – Block Strata,

Rent roll manger
Property investor and boarding house owner

‘I have always found dealing with traditional strata management firms very hard. Nothing is ever clear and everything takes so long. There are no forms and procedures available on the web to help people do the right thing and then all hell breaks out when things don’t go according to the strata rules. It would make the lives of our tenants and property owners much better if we could access information about strata without having to bother the strata manager.’ Jacqui