BlockMatic™ provides your committee with quarterly checklists that help ensure you deal with the right matters at the right time. This process delivers a balanced and compliant outcome that makes it easier for your committee to act methodically and in the interests of all owners.

Q1 Governance


This checklist and work module covers the proper decision making processes of the committee.

Goals, roles, responsibilities and success planning are covered in these important first months of a committee’s life.

Q2 Compliance


After deciding who does what in the first quarter, it’s time to identify any gaps in the scheme’s compliance and risk regime as well as meetings, insurance and other requirements of the strata legislation.

This checklist covers the myriad other laws with which a strata scheme must comply including fire safety, tax and privacy. The work here will identify things that must be done to the property which can be actioned in the following quarter.

Q3 Property


This checklist makes sure all the right information has been gathered for decisions to be taken on repair and maintenance issues.

The decisions made as a result of this work will bring the property up to scratch and allow proper planning and budgeting to be done in the last quarter of the committee’s term before the AGM.

Q4 Finances


The final quarter of the committee’s year focuses on budgeting and finances.

Now the accounts are in good shape to be presented to the owners at the AGM and the budget is set for funding the next year’s work and in particular priorities for repairs and maintenance. After a full year on this program your block will be in good shape and the process repeats each year for ongoing good management.